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The following information shows the interests of the other three Georgian colleges we have been working with since 2008. ANRI, a private maritime program in Batumi, already enjoys success attracting paying students to a one-year course for able bodied seamen which provides skilled personnel for the international cargo trade. The Batumi program also offers similar programs for ship’s engineers, navigators, and cooks. CCID-Georgia has delivered teacher training seminars in Batumi through partial funding from MES. The college wants to add 3-year business administration education programs similar to those in CCID’s Gori program.

Tsnori College’s senior administrators are interested in upgrading their existing programs and getting access to electronic information banks to support their regional business community stakeholders. Like the Gori program, Akhalkalaki University is starting up a HPE business administration program inside a university. They have already received some teacher training from the CCID center in Tbilisi, as well as foundation course material from the Gori program. Selkirk College has been active in supporting community activities in villages in Samske Javaketi, as well as the educational program at Akhalkalaki University.