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Community Colleges for International Development, Inc. (CCID) is a non-profit association whose primary mission is international development, especially in vocational/technical education and training, non-formal education and workforce development. As a membership organization of mostly two-year colleges, CCID has been incorporated for over 30 years. During all this period, CCID has undertaken development activities well over 100 different countries, covering every part of the world. Besides the involvement of the organization’s corporate office, individual CCID colleges also engage in economic development activities with their own international partners. At this writing, CCID membership consists of approximately 170 colleges, in 15 countries, with over 150 in North America.

CCID operates through a Board of twenty-five colleges (represented by their Presidents) that are a cross section of the top community colleges in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world (see www.ccid.cc).  Institutional diversity is important in how CCID functions and helps the organization address the geographical, technical and cultural scope of international development efforts.  CCID membership is geographically distributed from the Northeast United States and Canada to Hawaii in the west and the states of FloridaTexasWashington and California, with many in between. The CCID system is represented by colleges in the Midwest where agriculture is a major industry, as well as by large urban community colleges, some of whom report having in excess of 90,000 part-time students.  There are also international members covering the continents of Australia, Asia and Europe. With a combined enrollment of more than 1.2 million students, these colleges offer more than 500 programs in technical and vocational subjects plus university transfer, distance education, and community service programs. CCID has access to many more than 30,000 faculty and staff for international development projects.

CCID’s corporate goals are to:  provide technical educational assistance, provide opportunities for internationalizing curricula and educational services, develop linkages with/for local business and industry, foster and support programs of international studies and exchanges, and coordinate an international network of participating institutions having similar interests. To accomplish these goals the consortium applies the following strategies: technical training and support; long-term (generally six months or longer) and short-cycle training programs conducted at home or abroad; consulting and resource development including occupational, vocational, and technical education; and workforce development.

Besides in Georgia, CCID has recent or currently active agreements with ministries such as education and labor in countries as diverse asTaiwan, Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Jordan, and Korea. CCID also sponsors student and scholar exchanges to its member college campuses and assists in faculty development opportunities with cooperating institutions, e.g, in Hungary, the Czech RepublicRomaniaRussia and Australia. In addition, member colleges maintain hundreds of relationships with colleges and universities around the world, providing an unparalleled resource and linking CCID to an extensive global network.