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The result of this workforce education initiative, launched with the support of Minister of Education and Science (MES) Alexandre Lomaia, former U.S. Ambassador John Tefft, and John Halder, president of the Community Colleges for International Development, Inc. (CCID), is a fully functioning and workforce-friendly program where

* 300+ students are studying four accredited business specialties,
* More than 65 books and other course materials have been created by Georgian specialists with active assistance from U.S. and Canadian colleagues,
* Career services are prepared for students to use in job-seeking and career information is distributed in Shida Kartli schools,
* More than 61 new teachers were hired and trained in modern pedagogical methods, and
* Strong practice programs have been developed.

The program opened the doors of its newly renovated building for classes in February 2008 with 75 students in three academic specialties suggested by the college’s business advisory committee and approved by MES – entrepreneurism, hotel/hospitality, and construction management. Subsequently, agricultural business administration has been added as a fourth specialty. The content and methodology of all the courses have received approval from the State Accreditation Commission.