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Education management and knowledge management are two different terms, each of which has special relevance for the work that the Partnership does for educational institutions. Education management is concerned with the operations of educational organizations. It is a subject that Georgia’s higher educational institutions, including HPE programs, have focused on in ;Georgia to make them more efficient in the use of financial and human resources and at the same time focus educational resources on intended programs. The Partnership’s attention to education management is relevant to its activities in HPE and professional education since it focuses attention on the human resources of the teaching staff, as well as mentoring programs in new administrative techniques and methods by supervisors and institutional leaders. Like its role as center of a network hub of HPE and PE programs, the CCID – Georgia office is playing the role of a mentor to the programs’ staff and leaders until the network is sustainable.

Another term, knowledge management, is also important to understand the role that GTU’s Professional Development Center plays (http://hpep.ge) as a repository of knowledge and expertise shared with other Georgian partner institutions. In general, knowledge management refers to how organizations embed organizational expertise and experience in its organizational processes and practice. Thus, it has special relevance for academic fields of study such as business administration and management but can also be a subject for business training in firms.