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The CCID model for vocational education begins with investigation of workforce needs through a research and interview program involving local businesses, international experts, and regional government officials. Based on the results of this process, the decision is made, in collaboration with stakeholders, about which professions should be priorities for starting up instruction in new VE specialties. For example, as a result of the needs assessment conducted in spring 2009, programs for the professions of construction metalworkers, welders, plumbers and pipe-makers, plasterers, concrete/metal workers/encase makers, floor and tile makers, and masons were made. As a result of the forecast made of agricultural professions, field-crop growers and truckers, veterinary assistants, milk and cattle products producers, and gardeners and grape growers were recognized as priorities. Finally, the following agricultural processing professions were put at the top of a third list: fruit and vegetable processors and butter, cheese and milk production professions. Although all could not be accommodated in the first round of program development, the list is now created for further development and the resulting programs can be disseminated to other areas with similar needs.