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This concept recognizes that learning takes place throughout a person’s life, not just in school, at university, or on the job. Also, learning can be pursued for personal or professional reasons and in formal and non-formal settings. The Partnership is pursuing opportunities to work in Georgian communities to offer non-formal programs that meet the needs of specific subgroups, e.g., youth, women, internally displaced people, etc. This interest in learning may come from personal motivation, e.g., starting with a hobby or for personal development, but can extend to employability and more active citizenship and community concerns. The Kirkwood website puts it well; Kirkwood has a three-part mission: identifying and serving community needs; providing accessible, quality education and training; and promoting opportunities for lifelong learning (www.kirkwood.edu).

The Partnership is appreciative of the collaboration facilitated by the U.S. Embassy with a Georgian-American NGO to offer IT, business English, and computer courses to IDPs in Shida Kartli using teachers and adapting curricula from the Gori program. We are also interested to offer life-long learning seminars or courses with the goal of increasing civic engagement by people living in the communities that our programs serve. Other examples are community priority-setting exercises that can be used to come up with community or regional development ideas and facilitated shared leadership on important community topics by local citizens, NGOs, business, and government.

The CCID – GE office has also collaborated with Georgian Technical University and the Adult Education Association of Georgia (http://www.aeag.org.ge) on initiatives in response to solicitations by European government programs working inGeorgia. The organization’s website shows the result of a memorandum of understanding entered into in 2009 with the Ministry of Education & Science of Georgia. How lifelong learning programs will be integrated into the Georgian education system will be influenced by the work of this organization and trial activities being undertaken by Georgian universities and HPE centers.


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