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Examination of the ISU Extension website already mentioned shows many ways that higher professional education and vocational education centers can provide information to business and other local stakeholders around Georgia. These include electronic databases described on the Extension website that interested citizens can access at a computer center (if the person does not have a computer and internet connection at home or his/her place of business), e.g., the Beginning Farmer Center, the Agricultural Marketing Research Center, and the Value-Added Agriculture Program.

We also make electronic versions of all curriculum materials for our professional and higher professional education programs and will do the same for life-long learning programs to be offered in the future. ISU and Extension officials who have already contributed to the partnership’s work in Georgia are confident that programs such as those above or AgMarketing Research Center (http://www.agmrc.org/) and agro–environmental programs of ISU’s Leopold Center (www.leopold.iastate.edu) can be adapted by Georgian experts to the different environment of education and business development in Georgia.


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