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Our experience to date shows that the model by which universities in the U.S., such as Iowa State University, provide technical support and expertise to businesses, families, youth, local governments, and nongovernmental organizations in their states by “extending” and adapting innovations made by university researchers to problems which people experience in their communities can have great applicability to economic growth in Georgia’s regions. Businesses in the Shida Kartli region, for example, don’t just need people who can be hired by companies to fill jobs as construction managers, hotel and hospitality marketers, or agribusiness company managers.

They also need to be able to access expertise after their companies have started to function. Accordingly, the partnership seeks continuing assistance from partners and funders about how to tailor and institutionalize a public or private outreach entity to serve business and economic development needs in each of Georgia’s regions. More about Iowa State University Extension can be found at www.extension.iastate.edu, including helping Iowa companies learn new ways to market their products and services, streamline their manufacturing processes, identify new business locations, etc.


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