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All of the U.S. community colleges offer customized training programs for local businesses. For example, some of Eastern Iowa Community College District’s programs (www.eicc.edu/business/) can be accessed while the student is working and many increasingly offer a combination of on-line instruction supplemented by practical work in a lab or on-campus center with modern machinery that is used in local industry. The student can start with a package of curriculum materials including video tapes, CD-ROM’s, internet, textbooks, and other written materials and finish each section by working in close supervision with an instructor to get needed skills at the college’s Blong Technology Center.

Other partner colleges, including Moraine Valley (www.morainevalley.edu/WDCS), also customize training for businesses which are seeking delivery of subjects such as Lean Office, Lean Manufacturing, Customer Service, Supervisor Training, Effective Communication, etc. for their managers, supervisors, and other employees. Moraine Valley’s Workforce Development and Community Services is ready to advise ways that comparable topics can be offered to Georgian companies according to their workforce needs to increase competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


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