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Workforce development is supported in the U.S. by the national Department of Education in WashingtonDC where it is given strong support by both major political parties as a national priority. Most recently, President Obama has repeated stressed that he sees the role of community colleges as critical for the country’s workforce development needs. Regionally-based public higher education institutions on the community – and technical – college model are, the president has stated, the engine which will drive the national economy in the 21st century.  The community college serves ordinary people to progress beyond their current situation in life through a focus on three major components:  university transfer, career programs, and continuing education.

Because of the experience of its member colleges, Community Colleges for International Development, Inc. (CCID) can offer workforce development tools and expertise to countries around the world to help improve living standards and raise productivity levels. As a former Minister of Education in the Republic of Guyana has stated, “In my country, inculcation of technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills is very important, not only to make young people employable, but to enable them to set themselves up in small businesses…CCID has helped to broaden our vision of education in a way that you may not be able to appreciate.”