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The Partnership’s Mission is to collaboratively develop and implement higher education, vocational education, continuing education and other workforce and business support services that will contribute to economic growth and community development in the regions of Georgia outside of Tbilisi. All of our programs are accredited according to the requirements of the Georgian government, implemented in a sustainable fashion, and operated by Georgian partner organizations with input from our international partners. 

Who We Are

John Halder and Kahka LomaiaWe are a public-private-nongovernmental partnership jointly led by Community Colleges for International Development, Inc., (www.ccid.cc) and the Technical University of Georgia (www.gtu.ge). CCID is a non-governmental organization of 170+ community and technical colleges in more than 15 countries which is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. Most projects are jointly managed by GTU’s Lali Gogeliani and CCID’s Ardith Maney through CCID’s Representative Office in Georgia which is located on the campus of the Technical University of Georgia. The main partners also welcome projects administered by other organizations, as was the case from 2006-2009 by community college and university projects administered by Georgian Technical University in collaboration with Selkirk College, British Columbia, Canada, Muscatine Community College, Iowa, USA, and Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa USA

Staff & Leadership

The main project managers have permanent positions with the Technical University and CCID. They are assisted by 15 technical and professional staffers at CCID’s headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, and the CCID-Georgia office at the Technical University in Tbilisi, Georgia, to perform project development, implementation, and evaluation activities associated with project and financial management. In addition, Maney and Gogeliani have employed more than 45 Georgian experts and trainers, and received assistance from approximately 25 short-term consultants made available by partner colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations, and companies to organize and carry out workforce education and development activities on behalf of the Partnership. 

How We Work

IMG_2719All projects are jointly organized by Gogeliani and Maney and get input from Georgian and international business, government, and nongovernmental stakeholders. Most of the projects carried out to date have come through stand-alone proposals submitted to competitions organized by donor agencies. Project activities take place at facilities of Georgian partner organizations and in the project’s offices located on the campus of Georgian Technical University in Tbilisi where there are facilities for organizing meetings and trainings and the NATO video production center is located. 


Please contact the Partnership’s Georgia center for more information. Address is 68 Kostava St., Tbilisi, GE 0175. Phone number to use is (995 32) 333051. Fax is (995 32) 333058